ICP #122 | On hope

I saw a meme once that said If Internet Explorer can ask to be your default browser, you can ask that guy out.

The idea of Internet Explorer punching above its weight makes me laugh. And (though I’d never admit this) it gives me hope. Not for dating, just for life.

A few years ago, a friend in England sent me a care package of books. And two of the books – both totally different in material, in style, in emotion – referenced Pluto’s demotion from planet to dwarf planet. 

If, like me, you were coming of age in 2006, Pluto’s eradication from the planetary order was a symbolic loss. Our childhood was dissolving, and with it, everything we knew to be true.

I think about Pluto quite a lot. I think a few of us do. Its demotion gained it (if nothing else) internet adoration. Because everyone loves an underdog. Everyone wants to fight for the little guy.

I think about Pluto and Internet Explorer, the success they’ve enjoyed and the diminishment they’ve faced. I think about their fight in the face of adversity. About how they are down, but not out. And (though I’d never admit this) it gives me hope.



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