My essay Birth Planning for Dramaturgs: A Guide to Theatrical Midwifery is published by The Centre for Dramaturgy and Curation as part of their 2021 Manuals for Dramaturgy Series and can be read online here or you can email the Centre to request a hard copy.

Dazza & Keif Go Viral in Space with Ya Mum, Danni Ray & Keely Windred, 2019-2021
Thigh Gap, Jamaica Zuanetti, 2019
nomnomnom, Roshelle Fong, 2018 & 2019
Dazza & Keif Go Viral, Danni Ray & Keely Windred, 2018 & 2019
Strata Inc, Faran Martin & Laura Lethlean, 2018
Elizabeth, Lisa Crawley & Rochelle Bright, 2018
Can’t Be Tamed, Justin Nott, 2018
The Cave, Jack Currie, 2017
Too Ready Mirror, Jamaica Zuanetti, 2017
Human Error, Angus Cameron, 2017
The Wart on my Breast, April Albert, 2017

Shandy, Angus Cameron, 2017
In the Mirror, Darkly, Angus Cameron, 2016

Susanna, Ming-Zhu Hii, 2020
Crime, Vidya Rajan & Ming-Zhu Hii, 2019
Date Night, Deafferent Theatre & Amelia Evans, 2018
The Maze, Kasey Gambling & Raya Slavin, 2017
Sanctuary, Kasey Gambling, 2017
Meat, Lara Kerestes, 2017

Women in Theatre Program, Melbourne Theatre Company, 2019
Besen Family Artist Program, Malthouse Theatre, 2018
Month in the Country, HotHouse Theatre Residency, 2017