Poona, 2021
Control, 2019
Her Father’s Daughter, 2018

Was This The Face, 2021
Cruise, 2020
LuNa, 2019
Help Yourself, 2019
The Rest of the World, 2014

If I Could Change Your Mind, 2019
The Campaign & After Plays, 2019
Love Me Not, 2019
Total Eclipse of the Heart, 2017

Duologue Development Program, Australian Plays Transform, 2022
A Room of One’s Own Residency, Women’s Circus, 2021
Supermassive Studio Artist, Aphids, 2020
Kickstart Development Program, Next Wave, 2019
Post-Production Program, Playwriting Australia, 2019
Ink Program, Red Stitch, 2017-18
Writers’ Lab, Soho Theatre, 2013-14

LuNa, Short-listed, Rodney Seaborn Playwrights Award, 2021
Total Eclipse of the Heart, Short-listed, Martin-Lysicrates Prize, 2021
LuNa, Short-listed, Griffin Award, 2020
LuNa, Winner, Patrick White Playwrights Award, 2019
Control, Short-listed, Patrick White Playwrights Award, commended by the judges, 2017
The Rest of the World, Long-listed, Soho Theatre Young Writer’s Award, 2014