Nosferatu, 2023
Hour of the Wolf, 2023

Poona, 2021
Control, 2019
Her Father’s Daughter, 2018

Was This The Face, 2021
Cruise, 2020
LuNa, 2019
Help Yourself, 2019
The Rest of the World, 2014

If I Could Change Your Mind, 2019
The Campaign & After Plays, 2019
Love Me Not, 2019
Total Eclipse of the Heart, 2017

Duologue Development Program, Australian Plays Transform, 2022
A Room of One’s Own Residency, Women’s Circus, 2021
Supermassive Studio Artist, Aphids, 2020
Kickstart Development Program, Next Wave, 2019
Post-Production Program, Playwriting Australia, 2019
Ink Program, Red Stitch, 2017-18
Writers’ Lab, Soho Theatre, 2013-14

LuNa, Short-listed, Rodney Seaborn Playwrights Award, 2021
Total Eclipse of the Heart, Short-listed, Martin-Lysicrates Prize, 2021
LuNa, Short-listed, Griffin Award, 2020
LuNa, Winner, Patrick White Playwrights Award, 2019
Control, Short-listed, Patrick White Playwrights Award, commended by the judges, 2017
The Rest of the World, Long-listed, Soho Theatre Young Writer’s Award, 2014