ICP #173 | On laughter as medicine

Mum says I have to write something uplifting.

I tell her that the funniest thing that’s happened recently is when we saw that man drive off with a 60th birthday cake on the top of his car and we watched the cake fly off and splatter across the road.
Yes, she says. I was surprised you didn’t write about that.

Funny has taken on a relative quality.

I say, It’s hard to find things to write about when I’m not allowed to engage with people.
And Mum says, I’m all the engagement you need.

She has just entered the kitchen holding an armful of potatoes and three carrots. As we talk she drops one of the carrots and when she bends down to pick it up, she drops the second and when she picks that one up, she drops the third.

And, in spite of everything – or maybe because of everything – it is very funny.



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