by Deafferent Theatre & Amelia Evans

A development supported by Malthouse Theatre
1-3 August & 2-9 November 2018

An intimate new work taking us inside the lives of a Deaf couple on that most sacred of modern rituals – date night. Carving out a single night together amid the constant onslaught of their work-lives/family-lives/social-lives, two long-term lovers turn off their phones, crack open a nice-ish red, and attempt to refocus their attention on their relationship.

This tale is a unique and deeply personal look at Deaf culture from the inside. Performed in Auslan, with English interpretation, Date Night celebrates and excavates the complex dynamics of modern love.

Playwright: Amelia Evans
Director: Jessica Moody
Associate Directors: Ilana Charnelle Gelbart & Mark Pritchard
Dramaturg: Keziah Warner
Actors: Anna Seymour & Dylan Beasley
Interpreters: Dave Childs & Erin Gook