by Danni Ray & Keely Windred

Melbourne & Adelaide
2018 – 2019

Dazza & Keif have one mission in life: to become YouTube famous for their sik breakdance skillz. The problem is, their only followers are Dazza’s mum and the account Keif set up for his cat. So how will these clueless dudes cope when an embarrassing viral video thrusts them into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons? Join Dazza and Keif’s misadventures as they encounter identity crisis, feminist theory and a lot of bad breakdance.

Performers: Danni Ray & Keely Windred
Producer: Tom Backhaus
Dramaturg: Keziah Warner
Special Guests: Fauntine Lariba & Scarlett Frances

The Cooper’s Malthouse, Melbourne International Comedy Festival

28 March – 7 April 2019

Adelaide Fringe Festival
2-8 March 2019

Melbourne Fringe
22-29 September 2018