by Lisa Crawley & Rochelle Bright

Presented by Bullet Heart Club
Wellington & Bright

A wink from a pervert, a pick-up note left in a tip jar and some drunk who yells “love what you’re doing darl, but do you mind turning it down a bit”.

Set over a single evening, Elizabeth features original indie-pop songs and true stories drawn from late night stints playing piano in hidden hotel bars across the world. Bullet Heart Club collaborates with celebrated songwriter, musician and actress Lisa Crawley to create an intimate cabaret work about what it feels like to be the equivalent of musical wallpaper.

Written by: Lisa Crawley & Rochelle Bright
Music & Lyrics: Lisa Crawley
Director: Kitan Petkovski
Lighting Designer: Katrina Chandra
Dramaturg: Keziah Warner
Performer: Lisa Crawley plus special guests

Bright Cabaret Festival, Victoria

11-12 May 2018

New Zealand Fringe Festival, Wellington
6-8 March 2018