by Angus Cameron

Presented by Baker’s Dozen Theatre Company
The Stables, Meat Market
29 June – 8 July 2017

Three people is all it took to end the world. A lapse in judgement, an act of passion, and now blood has been spilt. All in the name of love. And Candy Crush. Kindly put down your smartphones and disconnect for a modern fable about love, ambition and human error.

This new work about the rise of artificial intelligence is a surreal, genetic hybrid of horror and comedy that asks, “If the turkey knew tomorrow was Christmas, what would she do to survive?” Whatever she chooses, the future is unimaginable.

Playwright: Angus Cameron
Director: Justin Nott
Dramaturg: Keziah Warner
Set Designer: Robert Smith
Costume Designer: Kim Ritchie
Lighting Designer: Siobhain Geaney
Sound Designer: Tom Backhaus
Stage Manager: Natasha Keehan
Cast: Ross Dwyer, Cait Spiker, Yvette Turner
Extras: Samuel Dariol, Nisha Joseph, Joey Lai James Lau, Patrick Livesey, Damian Okulic, Isabella Perversi, Bernard Sam and Tenielle Thompson