by Kevin Hojerslev

Watch online
6-13 August 2021

“My house was here. Or one like it, I can’t seem to remember. There were people here, too. Or at least somewhere nearby. They would all come together, every night, and look at stuff. Something. It’s at the front of my mind, I just can’t fish it out right now. They were together, though. Surely. That has to be right.”

If Someone Asks, This Is Where I’ll Be explores an existence where towns and cities die and their people move on. Their memories are stored for safe keeping for the people that return. This work brings together the homes of its collaborating artists and asks how their memories build new homes. How do you create a new home when your past home is irretrievable?

Creator & Performer: Kevin Hojerslev
Collaborators: Angelique Zhou, Bronte Locke, Sophia Derkenne, Taylor Reece
Mentor: Keziah Warner