by Roshelle Fong

Melbourne, Seyðisfjörður, Sydney & Zhujiajiao 朱家角
2018 – 2019

A site-specific, participatory event in which you the audience role-play as food delivery people, guided by your trusty team leader Trevor. This job trial will take you through the streets and into real houses (plus the occasional time portal) where you’ll discover that the job’s not just about cheesy crust pizza or spaghetti carbonara… it’s about connection. 

This intercultural, intergenerational immersive adventure will teach you the importance of community and that being kind can be a matter of life and death.

From its inception in Coburg for Melbourne Fringe, nomnomnom has travelled to the 670-person East Icelandic town of Seyðisfjörður, back to Melbourne’s Testing Grounds for a special time-travel edition, then to Sydney’s Kings Cross and the ancient water town of Zhujiajiao, Shanghai. The show is reimagined for each new location to reflect the culture and community of place.


Zhujiajiao 朱家角, Shanghai 上海
9-11 August 2019
In partnership with Untitled Space 无题空间 Artist Residency
Supported by the Ian Potter Cultural Trust

Writer, Director, Producer: Roshelle Fong
Sound Designer: Jess Keeffe
Dramaturg: Keziah Warner
Graphic Designer: Vy Ray
Translator: George Liu Zhen
Immersive Design Consultant: Tara O’Con
Cast: Maggie Guan, Hao Zhenge, He Xiangyun, Daniel Last, Sharon Zhang

Kings Cross Theatre, Sydney
4-12 June 2019

Writer, Director, Producer: Roshelle Fong
Lighting Designer: John Harrison
Sound Designer: Jess Keeffe
Dramaturg: Keziah Warner
Graphic designer: Vy Ray
Artist: Chanel Tobler
Cast: Gabrielle Chan, Daniel Last, Roshelle Fong, Seaton Kay-Smith, Jeeves Verma, Susan Young

Testing Grounds, Melbourne
9-12 May 2019
Supported by City of Melbourne Arts Grants Program and the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body

Curator, Director, Producer: Roshelle Fong
Writers: Kat Clarke, Grace De Morgan, Scott Sneddon, Keziah Warner (short play Love Me Not)
Set & Costume Designer: Eloise Kent
Lighting Designer: Michelle Thorne
Sound Designer: Jess Keeffe
Dramaturg: Keziah Warner
Portal Design & Build: Britt Salt & Lucy Hughes
Graphic & Web Designer: Vy Ray
Cast: Liz Connors, John Marc Desengano, Emil Freund, Daniel Last, Anna Thomson, Ra Chapman, Phoebe Mason, Sermsah Bin Saad, Ben Clements, Yuchen Wang, Scott Sneddon

Seyðisfjörður, Iceland
13-16 December 2018
In partnership with HEIMA Artist Residency

Writer, Director, Producer: Roshelle Fong
Sound Designer: Liam Power
Dramaturg: Keziah Warner
Artist: Chanel Tobler
Cast: Steiner Gunnar Steinarsson, Lilja Kjerúlf, Nanna Vibe S. Juelsbo, Illugi Arinbjörn Már Jónsson, Jim van Woensel, Ludvík Praspaliauskas, Tora Sanden Døskeland, Anna Henningsen, Hildur Iðunn Sverrisdóttir

Coburg Carnivale, Melbourne Fringe
22 September 2018
Supported by Moreland City Council
Winner of the Melbourne Fringe Award for Innovation in Culturally Diverse Practice

Writer, Director, Producer: Roshelle Fong
Set & Costume Designer: Soma Garner
Lighting Designer: Efterpi Soropos
Sound Designer: Liam Power
Dramaturg: Keziah Warner
Poster Design: Vy Ray
Artist: Trent McWhinney
Cast: Malith Wijayawardhana, Francesca Waters, Nicholas Baldas