by Faran Martin & Laura Lethlean

Presented by North of Eight
The Burrow
22 November – 8 December 2018

Frank Strata, successful investment tycoon, is dead. Suddenly his son Andrew is set to inherit Strata Inc. and all the perks that come with it: whisky, stunning views, the corporate tracksuit… But before the ink dries, the previously impenetrable CEO’s office is taken captive by a caped crusader.

Enter Lysa, the other Strata heir, and she is not leaving until her father’s legacy is unapologetically obliterated, whatever the cost. Fire fights fire in this brazen, funny and unflinching war against entitlement.

Playwrights: Faran Martin & Laura Lethlean
Director: Faran Martin
Set Designer: Carmody Nicol
Lighting Designer: Lachlan McLean
Sound Designer: Steve Carnell
Dramaturg: Keziah Warner
Producer: Mark Salvestro
Assistant Producer: Cathy Smith
Stage Manager: James Cerche
Cast: Siobhan Connors, Jordan Fraser-Trumble, Jessica Martin, Pat Moonie, Mark Salvestro, Jessica Stanley, Phoebe Anne Taylor