by Jack Currie

Presented by La Mama Explorations
La Mama Courthouse
15-17 November 2017

Jordan is dealing with a lot right now. His father has left him. His mother has since grown distant. He has little in common with the kids at school. So Jordan leaves this world for another one. Every once in a while, he leaves this world for the magical, wild and relentless one in his imagination. But now that world is starting to crumble around him, too.

This new play traverses the boundaries between real and imagined, diving head first into the expansive mind of a child through storytelling and surreal physicality.

Playwright: Jack Currie
Director: Justin Nott
Set & Costume Designer: Sophia Burns
Lighting Designer: Justin Nott
Sound Designer: Edwin Cheah
Dramaturg: Keziah Warner
Stage Manager: Tom Backhaus
Cast: Adam Cass, Aleksander Salayadev, Kate Stones