by Kasey Gambling

A development supported by HotHouse Theatre
A Month in the Country
4-15 December 2017

A nervous glance. A cat call. A face lit up by the lights of a passing car. The sound of footsteps behind her on a dark suburban street at night. In a unique, site-specific multimedia experience, The Maze asks you to pull back the veil on the menace lurking around every corner for women each day.

An immersive, site-specific work, The Maze allows a single audience member to witness firsthand the fear and paranoia of one woman walking alone at night. With the audio of the woman’s internal monologue, the audience becomes a spectator to incidents of harassment that blur the line between bystander and participant.

Creator: Kasey Gambling
Dramaturg: Keziah Warner
Sound Designer: Raya Slavin