by Jamaica Zuanetti

Presented by La Mama Theatre

La Mama Courthouse
30 October – 10 November 2019


Thigh Gap is an absurd, dark comedy that explores, from a female perspective, consumerism and the commodification of female bodies in a capitalist patriarchy. Two women. One apartment.

They’re surrounded by flashy lipstick ads, wellness trends and dating apps. The women self-examine and compare, examine and compare. They’re aiming for something. They’re aiming for a thigh gap and they don’t know why.


Playwright: Jamaica Zuanetti
Director: Alice Darling
Cast: Veronica Thomas and Lauren Mass
Dramaturg: Keziah Warner
Set & Costume Designer: Sophie Woodward
Lighting Designers: John Collopy & Georgie Wolfe
Sound Designer: Raya Slavin
Set & Costume Design Assistant: Helen Rofe
Stage Manager: Jordan Carter